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Corporate Responsibilities

  • Manage the business with full and high responsibly
  • Sustaining our commitments and ensure it remain as a responsible of our company
  • Growing the business by offering quality consistency and better preventive products


Social Responsibility


To create awareness and sensitivity of the company to their employees, customers and communities shareholder and other stakeholders. Voluntary contributions are expected to create and cultivate positive social values not only to employees of TUD, but also to society as a whole and the value creation is aimed at all stakeholders.


We draw our employees from society and so everything we do with our staff needs to be socially responsible, whether we are dealing with basic human rights or gender issues. A quality work environment and health & safety are obvious considerations, as is the way in which, if we believe in CSR, we inculcate in our employees, the values which the company holds dear. Ideally, companies should consider all 4 CSR dimensions when crafting their own visions. But that does not mean a company must do everything. TUD was very strict in meeting the needs and rights of workers from all aspects such as rates of pay, job security, compensation, respect, truthful communication.


SMART is a measure of our framework to ensure the success of programs that benefit all stakeholders.

  • Simple
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Reliable
  • Time-bound


Product responsibility

Our products consist all the aspect of the international materials guideline, the quality and specification of the products made according to the international reference which been certified by international certification body.

  1. Control of quality and safety for every batch of production.
  2. Appropriate use of International Reference Materials by national control laboratories or designated laboratories and manufacturers.
  3. The responsibility of promoting the quality products.