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Vision & Mission


TUD is to be recognized for leadership, innovation and excellence in providing high-quality health products in Malaysia. Our aim, to be a global player, will lead to the establishment of operations in the key markets of the world, including the developed countries.



The international healthcare market is in a state of dynamic growth and evolution. We advance the healthcare systems in emerging markets by bringing the best new products and technologies to send a strong message internally and to the international markets: We care about health.

Providing future-proof answers to risk landscapes undergoing unprecedented change, we are proud and passionate about what we do – hence, our vision and mission

TUD’s mission is to identify, cultivate, demonstrate, and deploy methods by which the quality of health can continuously improve while simultaneously reducing associated costs.

For with our unique expertise makes us a driver of innovation on the healthcare market include access to and delivery of the best healthcare to all people at minimal expense, with demonstrable results.