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Lithium Heparin with Gel

Plasma tubes with lithium heparin and gel contain a barrier gel in the tube. The specific gravity of this material lies between that of the blood cells and plasma. During centrifugation the gel barrier moves upwards providing a stable barrier separating the plasma from cells. Plasma may be aspirated directly from the collection tube, eliminating the need for manual transfer to another container. This barrier allows for the stability of certain parameters in the primary tube under the recommended storage conditions for up to 48 hours.

Additive  : Lithium Heparin with gel
Cap Colour  : Green
Specimen For Test  : Plasma Separator Tube
Size  : 13 x 75mm / 13 x 100mm / 16 x 100mm
Draw Volume  : 4ml, 5ml & 8ml
No. Of Inversion  : 8-10 times
Intended Use  : For plasma determinations in chemistry
User  : Laboratory / Hospital / Clinic
Spinning  : 3500rpm x 8 minutes
Clotting Period  :  
Expiry  : 18 months
Storage  : Room temperature
   : Lot. No
e.g.: Lot 09120101: 09 means year, 12 means month, 01 means date, 01 means production running number
   : Expiry Date
e.g.: 201106: 2011 means year, 06 means month
   : Single use (Usage)