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K2EDTA Gel Tube

The interior of the TUD K2EDTA Gel tubes is coated with K2EDTA. EDTA binds calcium ions and blocks the coagulation cascade. These tubes, which upon centrifugation separate undiluted plasma, are used for testing plasma in molecular diagnostics and viral load detection.

Additive  : K2 EDTA with GEL
Cap Colour  : White
Specimen For Test  : Plasma Preparation Tube
Size  : 13 x 100mm / 16 x 100mm
Draw Volume  : 5ml & 8.5ml
No. Of Inversion  : 8-10 times 
Intended Use  : For use in molecular diagnostic test methods (such as, but not limited to, polymerase chain reaction [PCR] and/or branched DNA [bDNA] amplification techniques.)
User  : Laboratory / Hospital / Clinic
Spinning  : 2800rpm x 10 mins
Inner Wall  : K2 EDTA
Clotting Period  :  
Expiry  : 18 months
Storage  : Room temperature
   : Lot. No
e.g.: Lot 09120101: 09 means year, 12 means month, 01 means date, 01 means production running number
   : Expiry Date
e.g.: 201106: 2011 means year, 06 means month
   : Single use (Usage)