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Lithium Heparin

Heparin is the only anticoagulant that should be used in a blood collection device for the determination of pH, blood gases, electrolytes and ion calcium. Heparin should not be used for coagulation in hematology testing. Lithium Heparin also can be used for routine CBC counts in a clinical setting. The use of the same anticoagulant should be recommended to follow trends within the same patient, especially when considering plasma protein concentration, packed cell volume ( PCV ) and lymphocyte count.

Additive  : Lithium Heparin
Cap Colour  : Green
Specimen For Test  : Plasma
Size  : 46mm x 10.25mm
Draw Volume  : 0.25 ~ 0.5ml / 250~ 500µl
No. Of Inversion  : 8 -10 times
Intended Use  : For plasma determinations in chemistry
User  : Laboratory / Hospital / Clinic
Spinning  : 3500rpm x 8 minutes
Clotting Period  :  
Expiry  : 24 months
Storage  : Room temperature
   : Lot. No
e.g.: Lot 09120101: 09 means year, 12 means month, 01 means date, 01 means production running number
   : Expiry Date
e.g.: 201106: 2011 means year, 06 means month
   : Single use (Usage)