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EDTA tubes used EDTA(K2) and EDTA(K3) as anticoagulants. They are widely used to collect blood for clinical hematology examination and suitable for blood cells analysis and determinations of blood groups.
Lithium Heparin
Heparin is the only anticoagulant that should be used in a blood collection device for the determination of pH, blood gases, electrolytes and ion calcium.
Plain with Clot Activator

Contains the clot activator and is used when serum is needed. Beside that it also can be shortened the spinning time to get the serum.

Na Citrate Coagulation tubes (0.109 / 0.129) (Double Tubing)
Na Citrate was used as an anticoagulants in blood transfusion since year 1914. It continues to be used today in blood collection tubes and for the preservation of blood in blood banks.